Warm Bodies


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Watch Warm Bodies Online Free Full. Watch Warm Bodies Full Movie (2013). “Warm Bodies” is a comedic, romantic, action-filled zombie flick. Being a zombie movie, people do get chased, attacked, eaten by zombies but since it is PG-13, it’s not too graphic. Fun surprise: zombies aren’t the only creatures stalking humans in this movie.

Watch Warm Bodies Online Streaming This movie opens with a wonderfully fun and clever introduction to the zombie apocalypse as well as the main zombie character named R. Nicholas Hoult’s R is funny, loyal, curious, likable, protective, charming. Definitely not a typical zombie. There are many scenes where our zombie friend goes about his daily life, accompanied by hilarious and clever voice overs.

Watch Warm Bodies Putlocker Full Movie It’s interesting how he questions everything, thinks constantly, longs to connect. This opportunity arises when he meets Julie, sparking a sort-of Romeo and Juliet type of relationship. Julie is a resistance fighter whose dad (John Malcovich) leads the humans. She is strong and brave yet vulnerable and sweet. The chemistry between R and Julie is undeniable. I can honestly say that I cared what happened to them.

Watch Warm Bodies Streaming in HD Quality All the actors did a fantastic job. John Malkovich is great as always. Dave Franco’s character was quite tragic. Analeigh Tipton is wonderful as Jule’s best friend, providing some funny lines and support, though it would have been nice to have more of her. A shout-out to Rob Corddry is required as he has some of the best lines and is just fantastic as a fellow zombie. (Definitely would be on my crew during the zombie apocalypse) Watch Warm Bodies Full Movie Online Free Streaming

Download Warm Bodies 2013 Movie Torrent Links I absolutely recommend “Warm Bodies.” It’s fun, fast-paced, clever, looks great, has interesting characters, action, some scares, romance. Maybe see with a date or by yourself or a group of friends, up to you. Watch Warm Bodies Online Free.