The Wolverine 2013 X-Men 5


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Watch The Wolverine 2013 (X-Men 5) Online Free Full Putlocker Streaming Movie So at most this movie is a 5 but I felt the need to throw in a low score because I’m tired of all these X-men movies being garbage.

Watch The Wolverine 2013 X-Men 5 Putlocker Full Movie Adamantium is also now the equivalent of aluminum since it can be easily sliced and ripped off giant adamantium robots.

The Wolverine 2013 X-Men 5 Watch Free Movie A bunch of plot holes (ridiculous continuation holes but every movie piles those on), no mutants, his powers get stolen then magically return (apparently mutant powers are magic now), the main villain has no purpose and it’s never explained why she is evil or why she has such a dramatic costume change in the end.

Watch The Wolverine 2013 X-Men 5 Full Movie Boring on top of nonsense on top of who cares anymore? Save your money and wait for Blue Ray. It’s mildly entertaining some good action but no where near enough to keep you from dozing off in the middle. I had fun laughing at it with my friends, suppose that’s a plus.