Watch Oblivion Online Free 2013 Full Movie Great scenery and effects and of course Tom. But it’s just Total Recall meets Mad Max meets Waterworld meets Independence Day (and I am sure there are other “meets” that can be found – heck I might even have found a reference to The English Patient at one point too).

[pro-player type=’video’ image=’http://content9.flixster.com/rtmovie/97/57/97579_gal.png’]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XmIIgE7eSak[/pro-player]

And of course it is cliché ridden – just once if a child falls in mass stampede, could the heroine just keep running? And why is it sleeping together once is always absolutely certain to result in a baby?

Watch Oblivion Online Free The pace of the film starts out very engaging, with the customary slow parts in between, to ensure it’s not too relentless, but then it gets even slower further into the movie and I was starting to get fidgety.

All in all, not sure why Tom signed up for it. Joseph Kosinski (Director) hasn’t exactly got a good track record and this matches it.